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Fire and Rain


In its first century, Bangalow burned almost as often as it flooded. The rain was God’s doing, the fires were almost all man-made. The Northern Star of January 1931 reckoned that Bangalow had probably set a record in getting all

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Bangalow in the 70s

Bangalow in the seventies

People, landmarks and shops in Bangalow in the 1970s, when the highway came straight through the main street.
Bangalow was just a quiet little country town, not very wealthy, and definitely rural in its nature. There were no trendy cafes or

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Abracadabra through the Decades


The faces of Abracadabra through each decade,  starting from the 1970s when Abracadabra opened its doors in its first incarnation as a second hand books and bric-a-brac shop. A lot has changed since then! We no longer sell books and

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Bangalow in the 70s